Ear Pain Treatment

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If you are suffering from acute or chronic ear ache look no further, we at Disha Homeo Clinic have specially formulated these medicines for our patients to ensure maximum cure rates.

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About Ear Pain/ Otalgia

Ear pain, also known as otalgia or earache, is a pain in the ear. Primary ear pain is pain that originates inside the ear. Ear pain is not always associated with ear disease. It may be caused by several other conditions, such as impacted teeth, sinus disease, inflamed tonsils, infections in the nose and pharynx, throat cancer, and occasionally as a sensory aura that precedes a migraine. We at Disha Multispeciality Homeo Clinic have the best ear pain treatment.

India was reported to be associated with the highest prevalence of otitis media with more than 6% experiencing the disorder.

Most of the school children in India have been reported to associate with at least one episode of earache varying from 10% to 20% of the children. Among these, there is more impact of the disease in slums rather than in well sanitized urban cities.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Ear Pain
  • Occational Ear Discharge
  • Pain on pressing external ear
  • Often associated with fever, coughs or nasal discharge in children.
  • Often associated with tobacco smoking or alcohol intake

Ear Pain Treatment Procedure

We at Disha Homeo Clinic provide the best medicine for ear pain, we assure that our medicines are completely safe, healthy and without any unwanted side effects. We have our own composition of medicine that is found effective in relieving symptoms of ear pain.

Medicines compose of:-

Pills Containing

  • Belladona 200c 5%
  • Mercurius Solubis 200c 5%
  • Chamomilla 200c 5%
  • Hepar Sulph 200c 5%
  • Pulsatilla nigrans 200c 5%

Homeopathic Powders Containing

  • Silicea 6X – 25%
  • Kali Sulph 6X – 25%
  • Nat Sulph 6X –  25%
  • Ferrum Phos 6X – 25%

Homeopathic Tablets Containing

  • Magnesium Phosphoricum 6X 10%
  • Kali Sulphuricum 6X 10%
  • Ferrum Sulphuricum 6X 10%

Homeopathic Ear Oil Containing

  • Mullein Oil base 10%
  • Glycerine Base 20%
  • Benzoic acid 2%
  • Carbolic Acid 2%


Course Duration:-  1 month (30 Days)

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Globules Made of Cane Sugar, Powder made of HMS Lactose, Tablets made of Lactose


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